A New Addition to the Family

There’s a new addition to the Fletcher family. Well, okay he’s been around a little while. We’ve had him for several months already. So, he’s not really “new.” However, I have not had a chance to introduce our cyber readers to him. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our family’s first dog. His name is Pookie. Yes, we’ve heard all kinds of translations from groomers and friends. We say it the way it’s spelled. Think Winnie the Pooh and Cookie Monster.

He is a seven month old miniature schnauzer. People and vacuums make him bark. He doesn’t like to get his nails trimmed, and we are convinced he is the sock monster everyone always talks about. There is no roll of bathroom tissue that is safe from him, no broken tree branch that stands a chance against him or any Fletcher heart able to withstand his cute little head turn, ear flap when you call him.

Nicknames include “The Pookster” and “Pookie Monster.” Occasionally, you’ll hear someone in a high pitched voice call out, “Pookie Wookie.” His list of commands (that is what “tricks” he can do) include “Sit,” “Shake,” “Lay” and “Come.” He also does pretty well with “Stay.” I am currently teaching him “Bow,” “Dance” and, yea, yea, “Preach.” Oh, and to calm down when he hears the doorbell.

The kids have been waiting for the chance to have a dog. Opportunity barked and it finally happened. Now, where did I put my other shoe? Stay blessed…john

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