Two Sermons | One Sunday

Two exciting sermons from this past Sunday to share with you. Of course, neither of them are from me. Our church observed Laity Sunday by having our Lay Speaker lead our service (it's been a while since I've sat in a pew).

He did a great job and offered, what I think, is a very important challenge. He hit it right on! The second sermon was just as challenging, I think. No, I'm not biased...well, okay I am, but that does not take away from the truth. Brittani gave her first children's sermon this Sunday. I think she did a wonderful job---but what do I know? You can hear each of them below.

Bob Ramsey:If the Only Tool Was Love

Brittani Fletcher: God Talks; We Listen

Stay blessed...john

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Anonymous said...

Great job Brittani ! We hope your dad lets you do this often.