Red Ribbon Faith

This week was Red Ribbon Week in Irving. You remember. It’s when kids wear attire corresponding to themes promoting anti-drug messages: Jersey Day; everyone team up against drugs, and some others I can’t recall. Has anyone ever offered new ideas for these days? So, with all the no-drug talk on my mind, earlier this week I got that Martika song stuck in my head. You remember Toy Soldiers? It’s not a crazy-jingle-I-wish-I-could-forget song. I like it; I think I recall really liking it when it came out. If I also remember correctly it was written to, dedicated to, or in response to a friend being overcome by drug use. On her way to school, Brittani scolded me for getting the song in her head (I had her look it up on youtube; what a dad!). Now, I figured I would let you in on the singing. Here’s the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76xdi4nnwPM

It also got me thinking about our Lay Speaker’s sermon the week before last. What does the church need to do more that faithfully offers an expression of God’s love and doesn’t fall into a common use of force (bland term) to bring people away from the grips of drug abuse?

Stay blessed...john
now I want to watch some KIDS Incorporated videos.

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