The Posts with the Most(s)

I was trying to figure out if there were any patterns to my blogging—specifically looking at when I blog the most. As a quick reference point I looked at the number of posts each month for the last three years. I thought maybe there would be one or two months that consistently had the most. Wrong. By the way, all I did was look at the numbers included in the “Older Posts” heading.

In 2007, May had the highest total with June close behind. The following year, October must have been eventful; it had the highest with two more posts than May 2007. So far this year September is the highest with February and March one behind. The flip side to that is the lowest number of posts in a month for 2009, 2008 and 2007 were July, August and September respectively (Summer slump?).

What’s the point? It shows me how erratic I am. This is the first year (actually within the last few months) I’ve sought to maintain somewhat of a schedule. The overwhelming amount of research I put into this post is just to help me get better and provide you a better read while you’re here. We’ll see if it helps.

Stay blessed…john

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