Why! Why? Why!

Spend time around any three-year-old and you’ll quickly become acquainted with their favorite phrase: Why? You’ll also find “Because I said so” doesn’t enjoy the same privilege it once did. Part of growing up…okay, part of maturing….no, that sounds worse….part of not being able to take back years of life is learning. When we ask, we learn. Most three-year-olds grow up and don’t ask “Why” as much. Once you finish your hallelujahs I’ll ask you to consider why that might not be for the best. Sadly, I think, many are either unwilling to or unable to ask the important “why.”

Asking the tough questions of life and faith does not make us any less faithful, reverent or obedient to God. Again, when we ask, we learn, and learning is a process of repetition, listening, practice and patience. All these can deepen our understanding of who God is while drawing us closer to God. Read the Gospels; among other things Jesus was a teacher. He had to teach people how to be his disciples. That comforts me; it tells me I’m not the only messed up disciple. Ask the whys. I’m sure God is better at listening to them than we are.

Stay blessed...john

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Someone told me once that questions invite relationship, and answers end conversations. It has given me new perspective on the times my two year old keeps asking me "Why?" She isn't really looking for the answer, she is just wanting to spend time talking with her Dad.

I think that's how it works with God too. We aren't going to get all the answers, but every time we ask a question of God, we go deeper into the relationship.

By the way, thanks for the comments on my blog. I'm going to spend a few minutes checking yours out.