Something Worth Seeing

Still at Annual Conference. This is from August '05, I think:

Most people have a favorite movie. Within that movie are unforgettable characters, riveting plots, and perhaps a hint of personal significance. Some embrace classic films that leave us feeling like we’re watching it for the first time, while others seem to find a favorite every season. Regardless, concerning movies, most would agree on one thing: the sequel is never as good. You know what I mean—when movie makers try too hard to build off the success of an original movie. We could make a list as long as the Bible of sequels, or parts 5, 6, or 7s that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.

If you’re like me, you’ve asked the question, “What happens, next?” By “next” we mean after this life. Well, if you’re still like me, you know our faith is nothing like our favorite movies. While the part may be quite interesting—filled with unforgettable characters, riveting plots, and even person significance, the good news is we have a sequel waiting for us that is out of this world. That’s the greatest promise Jesus gave us; believe in Him, and you will join Him in His greatest feature. Now that’s something worth seeing.

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