Does God Prefer Blue or Black?

I've seen surfing Jesus, now it's on to Selena! From December '05:

Did you know there are people who study our signatures? Please don’t ask me what they’re called. Signature study people, I suppose. It is said that we can determine a number of things concerning you from your signature. By the stroke of your “t’s” and the dotting of your “i’s” we can tell your overall attitude in life. The curvature of your letters can explain your outlook on life. Even the size of your signature can tell us about your insecurities.

Sounds kind of wild to me, but hey they say it’s true. I guess if you think about it there may be some truth in there. I mean God left us His signature. Just take a look out your window and look at the Hill Country. To me, that’s God saying, “This is who I am!” Think about the story of Jesus. Once again hear God saying, “Oh, you know me; I’m always thinking about you.” I don’t know what my signature says about me. But this I know: when I see Creation, when I see Jesus in my life and in the life of others I know God is telling me, “Yes, I am real.”

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