MISTAKEn Identity

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How do you learn best—repetition, observation, listening? There are many ways that we take in knowledge. Since going back to school I’ve become acquainted with one technique that perhaps you’re familiar with. Now, we don’t usually like to use this one, but somehow it seems to creep in. I have professors that like to go over each question of a test after we have received our grade (what better time, right?); that really helps when we are confused about a certain topic. It’s really helped me to see my mistakes and learn from them.

Learning things the hard way is tricky; you run the chance of not learning your lesson and messing up again. We’ve all made mistakes we have regretted. Our mistakes, however, should not be who we are. Remember we are called “New Creations.” Think how the disciples messed up. I believe it’s fair to say they learned from their mistakes and decided to give God complete control of their ministry and life. Did that work? Well, here you are years later reading a Christian newsletter in a land far, far away from where the first disciples lived. Still think God can’t use you to touch someone?

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