True Story (?)

The story says that a young waitress in a small Georgia town was working late one night. There was a young truck driver came in who was facing an arrest. His offense was not too serious; his truck was overloaded. The young man wanted to call his boss before he went to jail to inform him of the situation. Not having any change to make a call it looked like he may have had to wait a little longer for his release.

For whatever reason, the waitress walked the man to the pay phone and deposited a dime so he could begin calling. The man was very thankful. Several weeks had passed by when the waitress received a particular postcard. Taped to the postcard was a dime with a thank you note. The note was signed by a man named Elvis Presley.

True? I don't know. It was a story that was attributed to wonderful individual who passed away this week. A dear friend of the family died late Sunday evening. We traveled to Galveston to attend the funeral. I'm really glad we were able to make the trip.

The story was used to demonstrate the type of person she was. She touched a lot of people and many knew her as a caring person. I had tried to recall one memory that sort of summed up my feelings about Mrs. Pearcy and I couldn't do it. Sure I have some particular events stapled in my mind, but no one stands out as the one I'll always remember her for. What I realized in my search was she and I shared a great many conversations. Think of an older person trying to pass on wisdom to a younger one. That was us. Sure I didn't realize it then, but now I am grateful for those times I listened--whether I was paying attention or not (this was middle and high school).

You never know who you'll touch and how. That's probably a good thing. So, let God's Spirit compel you to more ministry and stay blessed...john

P.S. Here's Mrs. Pearcy's obituary if you're interested. My family was mentioned in the article; something that touched their hearts. The Galveston County Daily News

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