Go Fish Videos

I have been forwarded this video several times over the past few weeks. Many of you have probably seen it. But have you seen the second one. Someone sent it to me this morning.

When we lived in the Valley there was a local Christian radio station (KVMV 96.9). It was cool having a station like that. There were always concerts going on; and they weren't the real expensive ones. Most were in churches or other auditoriums. Gloria and I would go a lot. We also volunteered for the station. We'd sell CDs outside of the concerts and other things like that; we also got to meet several of the artists.

One of those groups was Go Fish (the group whose video you might watch below). I've always enjoyed Acapella and Gloria really liked them. Anyways, here's a couple of their songs.

Christmas With a Capital "C"

It's About the Cross

Stay blessed...john

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