Who needs a new website?

I will be disappointed if I find out Space Jam is not on Netflix because I think it's time to raise my children right.  Now, of all movies in the world to think about, why would I be worried about this film right now?

I just learned that the website for Space Jam has not been changed since 1996.  That's the year I graduated high school and got married.  If you visit the website right now you'll remember what late 90's websites looked like.  You'll also be thankful we've learned a few web tricks since then.

Still, it was kind of bomb (90's lingo, baby!) to be reminded that fluff can get in the way.  Word!  If I'm interested in Space Jam, that site has what I need.  As a preacher and a communicator that's a good lesson to remember. Give the message before anything else.  Don't get overly involved with the fluff that might take away from the message, or, maybe more dangerous, become more important than the message.

What are you trying to communicate?

Stay blessed...john

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