The Circuit Writer: April 2013

   A small act of kindness goes a long way. Do you believe that? I do because it seems God is able to do much with very little. It is often said God formed Creation ex nihilo, meaning “out of nothing”—talk about not having much to work with. And what about 2John & 3John? These are two of the shortest books in the Bible, 13 and 15 verses respectively. You could read both in minutes. Quickly, these letters express Christian love, teaching and fellowship. I can imagine the joy and excitement as these were first read to their faith communities.

   Letters like 2John & 3John, called epistles, were written to churches for various reasons. They were included in the Bible because early Christians considered them inspired and of God. Imagine that. A person pops in your mind, or you hear of a struggle someone is facing and you decide to write a letter to say “Thinking of You” or “I’m Praying for you.” A call or visit may be a small act to you, but it could be what God is using to bring joy to someone else. And it could be remembered for a long while. So, get going.

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Stay blessed...john

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