Asterisks in church


Did you stand?  What?  You saw the asterisk and you didn't stand?  I'm beginning to question your commitment to Christ.  Who doesn't stand in church when they see an asterisk?

Answer: A lot of people.

It's fun to watch the church wave as people realize they're supposed to stand to sing this song or hear that reading.  Some wait to be the last one sitting.  That's probably an ego thing.

Now, instead of making fun of criticizing people for not knowing when to stand, even though you've inserted the canonical *indicates stand admonition, how about you help them out a little more.  I've done a lot of things I'm proud of in the last two churches I've served.  I'd hate to say it, but one of my most daring accomplishments has been that I have Xed the *.

Okay, I've done some more important things.

Instead of hoping that asking people to, "Please stand" will work or remind them of the great and powerful *, we insert that phrase in the bulletin each time we want them to stand.  So, it looks like this:

Greatest Sermon You've Ever HeardPlease Stand
We don't actually make people stand during the sermon, but that's just an example.  Amazing, right?  Maybe not, but I think it's helped us a little.  And any little bit we can help, we're on our way.  So, be a rebel; ditch the *.

Stay blessed...john

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