God wants to say something

You can probably imagine the kind of looks I received when I told the church yesterday that I thought "we should stop reading the Bible." Those good church people knew that didn't sound right.
Of course, I said a lot more (Well, not a LOT more)than that to explain what I meant. In many ways, it's unfortunate that the Bible, our sacred text has become another victim of our consumeristic ways. Many of us have been taught to read the Bible because it's what we're supposed to do. We've never been any good at doing what we're supposed to do. Some consider the Bible to be a life manual. There's two things problematic with that. First, most of us only read a manual if/when we think we need to. Second, the rest of us didn't even know there was a manual in the box. If we did, we probably threw it straight into the trash. 

The Bible has to more to us than another product.

I think we should learn to listen and hear God's word. When God speaks things happen. This week's sermon reminds us of that. In particular, we can see that when God speaks there is 1)new life, 2)renewal and 3)purpose. May God speak to us today!

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 As I was writing, the song Word of God Speak came to mind. May it be a blessing to you.

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