Name Calling

Oh, those disciples.  They were often confused, hard-headed and scared.  If Jesus was the living water, they were the water in the tires after a rain that the weather man says we should dump.  Perhaps that is a little harsh.  Jesus was convinced they were the right people he needed.  They eventually handled the gospel-to-the-world thing pretty well.  Still, some of the things they did and said should really make us glad we're not at all like them.

Mark 9:38-50 is a great ecumenical text.  I am sure there are other great texts to read when you get a bunch of people together who come from different faith backgrounds.  The disciples didn't care too much about some guy they ran across who was using Jesus' name.  This guy didn't run with the disciples.  He probably listened to praise music, or still only used the KJV.  At the very least, this man wasn't one of the disciples.  So, they had to stop him from "casting out demons" in Jesus' name.  But Jesus told them, "Do not stop them."

I promise to write a post soon to tag along with this sermon.  It will based on this sentence I took out of this sermon: Your favorite TV/radio preacher probably gets on my nerves.  The sermon time doesn't provide ample space to fully explain that statement.

Just know that I know God uses all kinds of people to build the Kingdom, and I'm okay with that--most times.  What about you?

This sermon is about recognizing that God does indeed use us all.  God wants to use us all.  Are we willing to let others work for God's glory?  Are we ready to work?  Are we a stumbling block to them or ourselves?

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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Stay blessed...john

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