Ashes to Ashes, We All Fall Down

Something strange happened this past Sunday.  Our service lasted an hour and twenty minutes.  As of yet, I don't know that the bishop has been contacted.  I'm just saying; this kind of stuff doesn't happen everyday.

Last Sunday was Communion Sunday, and we began a sermon series on the book of Job.  I'm never going to short change Communion.  Usually, that means I'll prepare a shorter sermon.  But since this was the first sermon in our new series and was about stuff I know really matters to a lot of people, I went with a typical sermon time.  Of course, I had fun.  I can only pray everyone else was blessed, too.  Tell the truth, you pay attention to what time you get out of church.  Are you a "I could've stay another hour" person or a "One Lord; one faith; one baptism; one hour" person?

The first sermon in our series is entitled "Ashes to Ashes, We All Fall Down."  I had in mind Job sitting "among the ashes" (Job 2:8) as I wrote that title.  We've all been there.  Maybe we weren't throwing fern plants over to break the pots to use as a back scratcher, but we've all had times of loss and pain.  One of the take-away lines from the sermon is: You can do everything right and still have everything go wrong.  Boy, ain't that the truth!

I hope you'll join us for the rest of our series, and begin by listening to the first sermon below.  I can't promise you instant healing or anything, but, hey, there's no charge to listen.  Let me know what you think.

++If you're reading by email or news reader, click here to listen to the sermon.++

Now, go ring around the rosie, or rosy, whichever. Stay blessed...john

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