Hello From Shiner, TX!

It's been three weeks since our family's move to Shiner. The most difficult part of our move has been that we still don't have cable. Well, okay, there are the emotional aspects of moving that are always difficult. But, overall, our family is home and we are getting adjusted to a new community and meeting a lot of wonderful people.

When you see these crosses, you're at Shiner FUMC.

The new office is just about arranged, and I am trying to figure out exactly what my schedule will be. Blog beware--I have been working on upcoming posts that I am excited to share. For the first time in a long time, I am serving a church without the pressures and work of being in school. I almost don't know how to act. 

Our new church is Shiner First United Methodist Church. You can find our church online at www.shinerfumc.org. It has not been updated in a while, and you know I will take care of that soon enough. If you're on Facebook you can also connect with our church. Our address is www.facebook.com/ShinerFUMC. Go to our page and "Like" us.

God is always doing new things in and around us.  I pray God's peace would be unavoidable for you today.  Stay blessed...john

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Esperanza C Perez said...

So no cable,just imagine back in the days our lord was here on earth in the flesh and no cable John.