A message for my friends at Oak Haven

Sometime ago, I was telling someone about the church I served here in Irving. I could tell the light went on right before this question was asked: “Isn’t that the church with the hams?” Who would have ever thought that a big ham could be used for ministry—please keep your jokes to yourself. You can’t blame that person for first remembering the succulent taste of our smoked hams over anything else about us. It’s a big part of what we do. So, I affirmed our ministry of pork, but went on to offer other memorable things about Oak Haven.

Of course, I will remember the ham smokes, but also so much more about our time here. You all have been a joy to serve in ministry with. I thank God for your faithfulness that brought you from low points in the church. I thank God for your willingness to reach beyond what was comfortable and/or usual. And I thank God for the ways you have loved our family, and, perhaps, put up with me at times. Together, we have sought to be faithful to God. So, keep loving, learning and living faithfully, and do everything you do with Ham -N-Bean intensity.

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