Busy, Busy, Blah!

I suspect that our recorded sermons will return next week.  The recording equipment should be in the mail and ready to go for this Sunday.  That'll be good because I think since I haven't seen how long the sermons have been I've given myself permission to go a tad bit longer than usual.  Or maybe it's just me.

Yesterday's sermon was about rest.  God gave us rest and we all need it.  We live in a busy world, constantly going, going, going.  Many people take pride in their ability to always be busy.  But I don't think we were designed to live that way.  With everyone so busy, is it any wonder so many people feel tired all the time, feel like they can't concentrate, are grumpy and are dealing with an array of medical conditions?  We need rest.

And God gives us rest.  I did mention how the church notoriously follows suit with the busyness.  I've heard of many people, lay people and clergy, who have been "burned out on church."  What!  So, we, as the church, need to evaluate and consider what it means that, "We can get burned out working for the One who gives us rest."  There's something wrong with that picture.

People need the Lord, and God needs us well rested so we can be God's avenues of prayer, healing and peace for them.

So, find rest that connects you to God so that you can be prepared to do the work of God.  Stay blessed...john

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