With One Voice (and It Isn't Even Methodist!)

Every once in a while some professor will leave a few books out on a table at school. A small note is added to the stack: FREE

Last Monday I took my last--my only--Final Exam of the semester. As I blissfully danced by the room where the often wonderful piles of free books are, you guessed it, there were a few selections. You don't need to know how many, but imagine enough to fill my backpack (don't judge me).

One of the selections was With One Voice: A Lutheran Resource for Worship. It reminds me of The Faith We Sing. For funsies I look through it to read through the hymns (don't judge me). I've become more familiar with the UM Hymnal by doing that. Also, I had never used The Faith We Sing before we came to Irving; so, I'm always looking through that as well (Please, stop judging me).

Before my hardcore Methodists brothers and sisters get on me for considering bringing Lutheran music into a Methodist worship service, let me just say get over it assure you there are quite a few selections you would recognize from both the UM Hymnal and The Faith We Sing.

One selection I came across is entitled For All The Faithful Women. Had I known of it before this past Sunday I would have suggested it be used for our worship service. So, while it may be late for the Mother's Day celebration, it's perfect for thanking God for the faithful women in our lives. That's something worth doing more than one Sunday a year.

For all the faithful women who served in days of old,
to you shall thanks be given; to all, their story told.
They served with strength and gladness in tasks your wisdom gave.
To you their lives bore witness, proclaimed your pow'r to save.

We praise your name for Miriam who sang triumphantly
while Pharaoh's vaunted army lay drowned beneath the sea.
As Israel marched to freedom, her chains of bondage gone,
so may we reach the kingdom your mighty arm has won.

To Hannah, praying childless before the throne of grace,
you gave a son whose service would be before your face.
Grant us her perseverance; Lord, teach us how to pray,
to trust in your deliv'rance when darkness hides our way.

We sing of Mary, mother, fair maiden, full of grace.
She bore the Christ, our brother, who came to save our race.
May we, with her, surrender ourselves to your command
and lay upon your altar our gifts of heart and hand.

We praise the other Mary who came at Easter dawn
and near the tomb did tarry, but found her Lord was gone.
As joyfully she saw him in resurrection light,
may we by faith behold him, the day who ends all night.

So, who would you add a verse for (biblical or not)? What actions would you want to include in that verse?

Stay blessed...john

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