Me and My Easy Listening Sermons

Do you ever wonder if people listen to you? Some of us talk a lot, a whole lot! There are those of us who have important things to say and some who keep the rest of us entertained by what they say. Many of our words challenge, encourage and support people (while others do the opposite). With so much to say, the question is bound to come up. Of course, that’s a question many preachers often ask themselves.

“No offense; anybody can listen to your sermons.”

That was a comment a friend gave to me in a recent conversation. That was probably the best compliment I’ve received in a couple of years. Sure, I hear the “good job” courtesies and “I liked that” comments all the time; and you know how I feel about those. My friend’s worry was that I might take that as a back-handed compliment. You have to remember, though, I’m a big boy.

It has been this person’s experience that some preachers are real good at proving how sophisticated and intelligent they could be. My thought is if I want you to know how smart I am I’ll let you (you know, like it’d be your privilege) read my writings. Sermons, however, are not about me preaching as much as they are about how I can get the congregation (the entire congregation) to listen. That’s my focus.

That doesn’t always happen at once; not everyone hears everything at the same time. That’d be too easy! Just know when you are in church on a Sunday morning, or listening online my goal is to get you to listen (not hearing) to what is being said.

So, I said all that so I can ask you this: What helps you listen to a sermon?

Stay blessed…john

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