My First American Idol Post

I kick myself every week for not having made this post earlier. Last year we got into the American Idol thing. Music is a big part of our family. So, we like to listen to what these singers can do. I don't care much for the judging panel; it's pretty ridiculous that nine times out of ten I know what each judge will say (their witty humor excluded, of course).  Yo!

This is not a boast. But you should know I'm not just pulling names. Last year I correctly picked the final three contestants. Of course, I kicked myself then too for not posting anything.  And, well, let's just say the final results were not a bit surprising in the Fletcher household. So, let me give you my final three picks. These are the three I picked once the final big group was comprised (15 or 20?).

Another reason to get this post out now is because one of my finalist had the fewest votes this past week. So, here they are:
Casey James

Michael Lynche

Crystal Bowersox
 And we'll see if my pick to win (Bowersox) will hold.  I may need to alter the rest of the list if something crazy like Big Mike gets poor voting again. 

There you have it.  I have now entered the world of American Idol posting.  God bless me.  Stay blessed...john

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