Smokers and Drinkers

First, you have to recall that the United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women of Oak Haven each host an annual event. The men’s group smokes hams for Thanksgiving and Christmas and organizes the Ham and Bean Dinner. The ladies invite women from the community to a Tea each year.

So, in my welcome to the church this past Sunday, I welcomed everyone “to Oak Haven where the men smoke hams and the women drink tea.” I wanted so bad, and was one breath shy of saying, “And today those smokers and drinkers have gathered to remember this is the day the stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone.”

I wasn’t quite sure our guests would have caught on or appreciated that. I would have! This is the third consecutive week we have had guests join our worship service. It’s been exciting, I know, for all of us. I’ll let you know about some of that later. Stay blessed…john

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