A Future?

Baseball has its homerun and stolen bases club. Well, pastors have their sermon and blog posts club. I’m not sure what my sermon numbers are, but I recently passed my 350th blog post! That certainly isn’t anywhere close to others in the blogging world. And this blog hasn’t contributed as much content to the faith as some others. I have enjoyed this project and will be glad when I will have more time to contribute more to it.

The whole connectional church we profess as Methodists is important to me. That’s why it’s not uncommon for me to bring up people, events or memories from previous churches we have served (see the top menu). When I do I’m not being nostalgic, but hoping to bridge our churches—even if in a small way. Specifically, this blog was created to provide an opportunity for the Bandera church to connect (blog that TIES) beyond Sunday morning; there are probably another 100 lost posts that were a part of BUMC’s website. Of course, not all of you reading now are from that church. So, it has evolved beyond the dust and ranches of the Cowboy Capital.

Thanks for reading. My next post will share things I have learned in my blogging experience. Keep reading; you never know when you might be spoken of! Invite others to do the same. By the way, I’m considering a new format for the blog. Any considerations for me?

Stay blessed…john

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