Blogging Tips

While professing no amount of expertise on the matter, I have compiled a short list of the greatest lessons I have learned in blogging. These points are not totally specific to blogging; I utilize similar ideas in sermon writing. You prolific writers will laugh at my simplicity, but maybe it’ll help someone. So, amongst the slew of wonderful blogging tips, remember this (Use, File, Schedule, Stick):

•Use. Use a word processor. I don’t usually blog online. When I do I feel like I have to get the blog finished. If the topic is anything worth writing about when I write it on my own time I can read, reread, delete and all that other kind of proof reading stuff that I just can’t seem to do on blogger (even though blogger does have a function that will let you save your posts before you publish them). I even use the laptop to generate hand written letters!

•File. File your ideas. I have a file (WORD document) that has a bunch of idea jotted down. They aren’t in any order or eloquently written. These are just ideas that might be good to write about. Every once in a while I open the file and write something brief (or not) on a couple of the points, or give attention to one that is almost complete. The work gets done little by little. Don’t always try to write something on the spot. You may even want to share your list; your readers may let you know what they would be interested in reading.

•Schedule. Having a schedule that you work on posts is good, but I’m talking about something more specific. I owe Blogger my blog devotion for their post to date function. Now, I can write a post and schedule it’s publishing date for whenever I want. So, when I know I’ll be away from the computer, you don’t have to know it. It also helps keep the blog updated.

•Stick. Stick to a topic It can be easy to get to typing. Before you know it you’re on your 600th word. It’s been noted that good blogs keep it short. So, read your posts. When you notice your going off topic, chop it up and create other posts that stem from your ranting. That keeps your current and future posts on topic.

Now, get blogging! Stay blessed…john

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