You Do Have a Prayer

This Sunday our church began a discipleship emphasis.  Actually, we first called it a stewardship campaign, but felt too many people would think we were asking for money because, you know, stewardship is all about money.  Well, not actually.

For the next six weeks we are focusing on several aspects of life with God.  This week we began with prayer.  I think most people acknowledged the importance of prayer.  It's just finding the time and knowing the words that are hard to do.  I get that.  I have the same struggle which is why I still use material to guide me through prayer.

Praying is not something we come out of the womb ready to do.  Fortunately, the Holy Spirit shows us how to pray.  And prayer is not a chore or something to mark off our things to do list.  It's a blessing.

That is what I wanted to communicate in this sermon, entitled "You Do Have a Prayer."  God knows how the burdens of life in this world can make us lose heart.  But God doesn't want us to lose heart, to grow weary or 'give into the bad.'  And the way out of that is prayer.

Have a listen to this week's sermon, and let me know if it came out right.  I hope it's a blessing.

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Stay blessed...john

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