Does this describe your pastor?

Here's something I came across today.  It's appropriate to end off "Pastor Appreciation Month."  God has placed pastors in my life that have prepared me for ministry and life, and I am thankful for them.  What about you?  What have you learned most from your pastors?

If a pastor preaches over 12 minutes, he's a windbag; if her sermon is short, she came unprepared.

If she gives her sermon in a quiet voice, she's a bore; if he puts feeling into his sermon, he's too emotional.

If the church budget is balanced, he's a good businessman; if he asks for money to balance the budget, he's greedy.

If she visits church members in their homes, she's nosy; if she doesn't, she's a snob and doesn't care.

If she's young, she's not experienced; if he's old, he should retire.

If he lives, the pastor at the church down the block is a better preacher and counselor than he is; if he dies, there was nobody like him and his equal will never be seen again.

Do me a favor, don't appreciate your pastor.  Pray for her/him.  Get behind his/her vision.  Be a part of ministry.  You'll always have a better pastor.

Stay blessed...john

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