The Circuit Writer March 2013

March is full of exciting holidays. Here are a few: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day; If Pets Had Thumbs Day; Holy Experiment Day; Frozen Food Day; Extraterrestrial Abductions Day; Goof-Off Day; Something on a Stick Day; I Am in Control Day. Laugh now, but we’ll see how you feel come Chocolate Covered Raisin Day! Of course, calling these days holidays might be a stretch. Still, these made-up days help us break the monotony of each day and give us something to celebrate. So, enjoy them if you like, but also recall there is another day in March that gives real meaning.

For many, Easter first brings images of eggs and chocolate, or some combination of both. Bunnies and baskets are a must, as are family barbecues, too. These help us enjoy the day and the opportunity to meet with family and friends to celebrate. So, enjoy them, but know that our true meaning as God’s people is celebrated in Christ’s Resurrection. That’s why some people call it Resurrection Day; we are Resurrection people. God’s love was proven on Friday and we see the power of God on Sunday. Christ’s Resurrection brings hope and new life every day. That’s worth a celebration!

Stay blessed...john

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