Can you dig it?

I cannot convince anyone to listen to a sermon.  All our churches around the world would be full if anyone could.  It is the ol' addage that reminds us you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

You can, however, as someone was told me, tell him how good the water is!

In my sermon preparation for last Sunday's worship service, I gave myself a challenge: Preach on the parable of the talents and not talk about money and/or spiritual gifts.  Guess what?  I passed.  Well, I did talk about not talking about money.  Does that still count?  And, I spoke about gifts, but of another kind.  We considered God's absurd gifts to us.

So, I hope you will listen and let me know your impressions.  There will be another group listening, rather reading this sermon.  This was the sermon I turned in to our conference Board on Ordained Ministry.  I have been working on my written examination to turn into them.  This board will determine whether I will be commissioned in June or not.  No, I did not put any more work into this sermon than any other.  Gloria likes to watch House Hunters, and I heard a term from that show that I think is part of my way of thinking of things: Analysis Paralysis.  This is what happens when you over analyze, or, in other words, think too much about something.

And that is now what I wanted to do with this sermon.  I wanted it to be like any of my other sermons.  We shall see what happens.

Give it a listen and let me know if it was commission-worthy. 

++If you are reading by email or reader, click here to listen to the sermon.++

Maybe next time I will preach on money.

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