Resurrected Opinions

Yesterday's service was a blessing! We welcomed a new member to Oak Haven. I heard Bishop Norris speak about visiting churches and having the pastor, usually a young pastor (I'll leave that alone), ask him what he expected to happen in the service. His answer was, "Something that isn't in this bulletin."

We went through the typical liturgy to welcome someone into membership. This was the first time I included a congregational response to the liturgy. I asked a long time member to stand with the new member. The congregation had already been given instructions: We will sing all four verses of Alleluia, Alleluia. After the first verse if anyone would like to come up and welcome the new member please do so, and we'll all stand together at the final verse.

All but a handful of people walked up front to welcome the new member! That wasn't in the bulletin or anything I thought would happen. It was truly a powerful moment.  You can't get that by asking people to come forward at the end of a service.

Oh yea, I almost forgot that I preached a sermon yesterday, too. Since you can't relive that welcoming, you can hear the sermon. Here are few things for you to do after you listen:

1) Pray this: O God, I want to live in the Resurrection of Christ. So, fill me with your life today. Teach me to bring hope, joy and new life to all your people, including myself. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

2) Do this: Think of a religious and a political issue you feel strongly about. Write down 1-2 reasons you hold a certain opinion. Then write 2-3 reasons why someone else might have a different opinion. Considering Christ’s Resurrection, explain how “new life” might be found in each opinion(s).

3) Let me know what you think about the idea of Resurrected Opinions.

Stay blessed...john

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