My New Sermon Builder

Here is something I am working on and would appreciate your input regarding.  Sometime just after the Easter holiday I would like to launch a lectionary group at Oak Haven.  This group would consider the weekly lectionary readings used for each Sunday worship service.  There are several reasons I am looking forward to having this group.

First, I love it when people get into the text and begin to discover things, and come away with faith forming questions.

Secondly, if people in our church are doing that, the potential is for the sermon to be that much more effective. 

Thirdly, it gives me a chance to hear and recognize the struggles or questions others may have with the text.  This might be the most valuable aspect for me.

I'm thinking of having a weekly meeting time, perhaps a Sunday afternoon or Monday evening.  I would also want to welcome email submissions; it seems like a likely scenario to include a posting here on the blog and maybe even the church's Facebook page.

So, what would you appreciate about a group like this?  How would you be willing to participate?  What advice would you give me in beginning something like this?  Leave a comment.

Stay blessed...john

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