Communion Music Monday

Someone is preparing this song for our Maundy Thursday service. It is in The Faith We Sing songbook and is called Come Share the Lord. I've enjoyed using that resource since being here at Oak Haven; I never used it before then. There are a bunch of nice songs to use. Let me know what you think about this one. Maybe I'll be able to post what we do on Thursday.

Here are the lyrics:
We gather here

In Jesus name

His love is burning in our hearts

Like living flame

For thru the loving Son

The Father makes us one

Come take the bread

Come drink the wine

Come share the Lord

No one is a stranger here

Everyone belongs

Finding our forgiveness here

We in turn forgive all wrongs

He joins us here

He breaks the bread

The Lord who pours the cup

Is risen from the dead

The one we love the most

Is now our gracious host

Come take the bread

Come drink the cup

Come share the Lord

We are now a family

Of which the Lord is Head

Though unseen he meets us here

In the breaking of the bread

We'll gather soon

Where angels sing

We'll see the glory of our Lord

And coming King

Now we anticipate

The feast for which we wait

Come take the bread

Come drink the wine

Come share the Lord

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