Pew Exchange

Part of my schedule this semester includes a course entitled Word and Worship. So far, looking at the reading list and syllabus, I’m digging this class. Sure that’s easy to say when the semester hasn’t even started. Still, I’m ready for this class for other reasons. Mainly, and related to this post, I have missed attending a worship service. Let me clarify.

Ministry is something very important to me and something I cherish my time in doing. Likewise, I have always loved leading worship services. Before I came to Oak Haven most of what I “did” in a worship service was read something or give the senior a break from preaching. It was easy then to assume the place of a participant. And participate I did! Typically, the only time I ever led an entire service was when the boss was away. So, over all, while I have been a part of many worship services I have still been able to appreciate the time I had to become a better disciple by listening to a sermon and singing and all that jazz…or country, symphony, etc.

Of course, that’s different now. People would probably get the wrong impression if I told them I wanted to hear me preach (I’m also taking a preaching class so I’ll probably have to anyways!). What I would mean to say is that I enjoy hearing someone else preach. That’s why, for example, Laity Sunday isn’t a vacation Sunday for me. I want to hear what’s on the heart of someone else and how they relate their experiences with Scripture. And, watch me get down off my high horse, when it comes down to it I need to be encouraged and taught just as much as anyone with the responsibility of listening to my big mouth every week….more than 50 times a year!

The Word and Worship course has a chapel practicum associated with it. So, I’ll be able to attend chapel services again. Last semester was the first time I was not able to. Attending Perkins chapel was my way of demonstrating to my members what I thought about “going to church.” There were days I didn’t feel like listening to whatever presentation was scheduled, or I had a lot of work I could have finished in that hour, and oh the Mezzanine is so not as bright as that chapel. Still, I went every week.

All that considered, I wondered how a church would respond if their pastor(s) participated in a pew exchange. No pulpit exchanges for me. We might get someone in here that far out surpasses me and you know what that might do to my little ego. Let’s say, for example, our Sunday school activities don’t begin until 9:45 am. Surely there is a local church with an eight o’clock service. I haven’t gotten to the point where I have researched worship times in our community, and I might not have to with this course. Let’s say I did. What would you think? I would appreciate your comments. Stay blessed…john

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