Didn't we say youth Sunday was a bad term

Perhaps a different viewpoint--prodigal jon on Stuff Christians Like #60:
#60. Youth Sunday - A parade of mediocrity.

OK, OK, I'll admit it, my dad wrote most of the sermon I delivered on Youth Sunday. He essentially ghost wrote my message. Why? Because he knew that at 17 I was not so God focused and probably would have delivered the worst sermon ever. Which would have been fine, because that's kind of the whole point of Youth Sunday. It's a chance for the kid that owns an acoustic guitar to butcher a Carmen song (he's going to be on this list), the girl that writes depressing poetry to read something and the pastor's son to deliver a D+ quality sermon. Why do we do this? I think there are two reasons: 1. It's kind of a, "see how good we are," from the staff to the congregation. Their chance to show everyone why the professionals need to run Sunday. 2. It's a chance to test out if any kid really has a calling. The weird thing is that in no other experience in life does this happen. Be honest, if someone told you, "Oh yeah, the brake system on your car was put together on Youth Monday," would you drive that car? Or if a doctor came in one day and said, "Mrs. Collins, my son Tim is going to administer your shot today. His hands are a little shaky, but it is Youth Tuesday," would you go back to the doctor? Nope.

I do laugh at a lot of his stuff we Christians like. And I don't at all think he and I are barking up totally different trees. Check his site out for a good laugh at yourself (#s 53, 46, 69, 63, 26, 16 and 2 are funny to me).

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please know that I will give you full credit for the trust fall move. That is brilliant. Just awesome. Thanks so much