Let us pr....

I had a "just like church" moment in class yesterday. The professor had been venturing away from his bullet points. Our discussion was pretty good. He went on and on. After several minutes of going back and forth with students and so on, he clicked for his next topic to display.

Yes, I still sit in the back! So, besides the great comfort I maintain with no one behind me, I was able to witness the wave of bowed heads as they went from giving him all the attention to writing, word for word of course, in their overpriced university notebooks his bullet point.

It was just like in church when the pastors says, "Let us pr....." He hasn't even finished the sentence and everyone is ready to bow their heads and pray. Of course, it all very uniformed (and quite funny if you see it). How do we know they're not going to say, "Let us pr...oclaim the year of the Javelina!"

Anyways. Stay blessed...john

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