Put it back where it belongs

   If you have visited my office, you have probably noticed the small cross on my desk. There is nothing significant about that particular cross; it is just one I have kept for the office. Usually, that cross remains in the middle of the desk. Chances are you have also noticed I prefer piles over files. Consequently, often, the cross gets moved. It happens. People visit and need space; I get distracted and bump it; my piles of work and life shove the cross aside. At some point during a day at the office, I return the cross where it belongs. 

   Doing so is a reminder of where the cross should be in my life because my life, unfortunately, can be like my desk. I can be so busy, so distracted and so clumsy that the cross of Christ gets shoved from the center of my life. Does that ever happen to you? Lent is approaching, and I hope you see it is an opportunity to realign your heart. It is something you must decide to do, difficult as it may be. But the cross deserves to be at the center of our lives. So, put it back where it belongs.

Stay blessed...john

+picture cred: http://findinggod.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/cross-cloud.jpg

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