What's your favorite part of your community?

Each one of the Fletcher Five has a container to hold keepsakes.  Recently, we had a chance to go through a couple of them and had a lot of fun looking at pictures, old handwriting and all kinds of other things.  Over the years, the kids' collecting habits have evolved.  At first they wanted to make sure to keep every piece of paper returned from school.  Every. Piece. Of. Paper.

We were able to encourage them to only keep important school projects.  Now, we're in the quick habit of recycling every worksheet that comes home.  There was one exception last week.  Nathan's week of work was filled with the usual pile of worksheets, but one stood out to me.  I even hijacked the sheet, and am including it in my container.

His assignment was about the importance of community.  He listed what a community was, and was asked to draw the "favorite part of your community."  This is what he submitted:

I don't know who all those people are in front of that church, but I want to thank them.  They have given Nathan a sense of what it means to be the body of Christ.  Of course, it's not just those six people; he does not know the many more who have loved him and our family.  

There's so much more I could say about that, but I think, more than anything, I am touched.  Nathan loves his friends, loves his football games, loves going to Cub Scouts, but his church is his favorite part of his community.  

Praise God!

Stay blessed...john

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