Our hearts perspire....inspire

It’s hard to think you would need inspiration to write a 200-word article for a monthly church newsletter.  Believe me; sometimes you do.  Often, it’s the same kind of inspiration needed to write a sermon or a meditation on a Scripture passage.  So, where does one get that inspiration?  Well, God’s Spirit inspires us—that’s what spirits do.  I don’t mean to blame God for any and everything I have ever written or said, but I know the Holy Spirit has given me the words, thoughts and images I have needed to be faithful and help others do the same.

Perhaps there’s a decision to make, a family conflict to make sense of, a question about faith or a sense of purpose for your life now.  You may never write a sermon, but you’re going to need that inspiration, too.  God’s Spirit inspires us to be faithful.  Today, your inspiration may come from a poem or song lyric—tomorrow an image from a Bible story or even a movie.  Ever notice how Mom’s words often come to mind?  God is all around us, and that is evident when we pay attention.  So, where and how will you hear God today?

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