The Preacher Your Preacher Could Preach Like

I'll assume you've seen the recent Old Spice commercials.  They're pretty good.  If you haven't then this video probably won't be as funny, but it will still be funny.  I have never been more proud of our friends at Cokesbury than I am today.  Oh, sure that whole give money for preacher retirement is pretty cool.

However, ask yourself, "How many times have I seen two commentaries magically become church stoles?"  I didn't think so.  That's why you need to watch the following video.  While you're at it, go to a Cokesbury store and see what you find.  Last week I indulged and bought the new song book and Dr. Abraham's Logic of Renewal. Oh, the day when I won't be able to walk by a store everyday.

Stay blessed...john

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Lauren said...

Not actually from Cokesbury. This was a part of a parody night at Princeton Theological Seminary. Just students going for a laugh.