My Sesame Street Favorites

I have fallen to peer pressure.  Well, there hasn't been any pressure, but everyone's talking about Sesame Street's anniversary and posting their favorite moments from the show.  I'll do the same.  As I think about the lessons I've learned about my colors, math and reading, I wonder what we as the church might be able to learn from the Street: community, teaching, learning, sharing, all those people they welcomed over the years, etc.

There are three favorite clips that stick out in my mind.  I can't believe Grover, Bert & Ernie or Oscar the Grouch are not one of the videos (those guys are my favorite).  Oscar was a good guy; I always wondered what it really looked like in that trash can.

So, here are my top three most memorable scenes from Sesame Street.  Two of them are probably well remembered.  The last one...I really have no clue why I was never able to get the song out of my head.  What are your favorites? Stay blessed...john

Pinball Number 12

Goodbye Mr. Hooper

Ba Ba Bamba

P.S. Since we're asking what Sesame Street can teach the church (okay, I was asking), I think this video helps what we're trying to do at Oak Haven: People in Your Neighborhood

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