Small Church Read

I recently put down Shepherding the Small Church. Before the end of the spring semester I bought this book to read through the summer. I didn’t finish the book—most of it, but not all. If you’re looking for something to give some basic direction about what to look for in ministry, I wouldn’t steer you away from this resource. It just wouldn’t be the first book I would suggest to you.

About midway through the book things seemed to begin to drag on. The headings within headings got to me. From the title I imagined a book that would focus on small church issues. I don’t feel like it did. Much of the content seemed applicable to any church, regardless of size or location. That doesn’t take away from what was presented. There are good points throughout the book. For example:

• Effectiveness is defined by transformation. The purpose of the ministry of the church is to transform the lives of people into the image and character of Christ (p18).
• The ultimate test of the Christian faith is not what one does but what one becomes (86).
• The idea that one should have a “worship service” for the unsaved is a myth. For worship can only be done by the true people of God (96).
• The task of witnessing, then, may be described as gentle persuasion relentlessly applied (151).

If you have done reading on church leadership you’ll most likely recognize much of this material. So, it’s not a bad read, but I wasn’t getting anywhere with it; time to start reading what professors tell me to. Stay blessed…john

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