Time to Redecorate

Yep, some of the redecorating was planned while some of it was nature’s way of getting us moving. I’ll share nature’s work later on. We, in my opinion, enhanced our worship space this past week. This Sunday will be the first worship service with the new set up. It’s real simple.

We turned the pews at an angle (as much as we could) so they are sort of forming a circle. Oh yes, the theology of circle. Also, we decided to keep an additional three banners up in the sanctuary. Two will be on the side walls. Someone said they would serve the purpose of stained glass windows; I liked that connection. The third banner will be on a back wall; this will be the outgoing banner. We have two extra banners we’re using now, but we’re looking to buy two others and figure out what we want the outgoing banner to be. If you have any suggestions shoot ‘em this way. I was thinking of the “Go Out” type of message. I know; that’s real original. Another thought was to put the vision of the UMC—which you recall, right?

Our bulletin format also changes this week. We’ll now have a threefold format. I wanted to do this to make room for a printed prayer list and a spot for sermon notes (or a doodle area). I’m also going to provide a short hymn bio, hopefully, each week.

Don’t worry. I went through all the proper channels to get these things done. These ideas didn’t just pop into my head and get done. I’ve actually been thinking about them for quite a while. But I wanted to make sure I had a good idea of what would be beneficial, and even why I would suggest the ideas. So, it isn’t about just wanting to be or do something different. I think we have added, in a small way, to our worship experiences here at Oak Haven. Remember, if you are from Oak Haven or have read Schnase’s book, Passionate Worship is a part of who we are.

Stay blessed…john

P.S. I didn’t even mention anything about changing up the blog, did I? If you didn’t notice…visit a little more often.

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