Enough is Enough

In the final weeks of our spiritual formation class we had a chance to sit down with Paul Escamilla. Paul is an elder here in the North Texas Conference. A few weeks before our meeting we read his book longing for enough in a culture of more. At first I struggled to read the book; I think it caught me off guard.

Most of my class material tends to be somewhat heavy readings. Paul’s book is, at least in terms of format and difficulty. Most chapters are between 1-3 pages. When I first began the book I quickly found myself on chapter 12 without realizing where I had been. I started over. It was quite ironic to read a book about having enough, but not recognizing enough (what was said) was enough (all that needed to be said). I’m sure that was a part of the design. Anyways, you might enjoy it. I love what he had to say in chapter 13 about Purpose. Nope, I’m not going to tell you; unless you ask, of course.

Stay blessed…john

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