Oak Haven United Methodist Church has completely paid its apportionments for the 2008year! Two months early by the way. This was something we celebrated on Sunday, of course. The last several years have been difficult for the church. The city of Irving has been through some changes during this time. That has had an impact on the work of the church.

We've gone from staffing a full time pastor to now having a part time minister. Membership has declined (that's what happens when everyone moves away). So, long story short, this is/was a big deal for our congregation.

Now, the money made during the anuual Ham Smoke will be used for other budget items and future expenditures. It'll be a great boost for the coming year. Oh, I haven't told you about the Ham Smoke?

Well, the peeps here have been doing this for a while--some forty plus years to be not exact. Hams are smoked (in a custom built smoker, duh!) over a two day period and sold; there is also a country store with all kinds of items for sale. I believe the biggest ham (No, not me) is auctioned off at the end. Any hams left over are used the next couple of days for the great Ham & Bean dinner; this is a community dinner served at no charge. The same thing is done for Christmas though I think on a smaller scale.

So, if you're looking for a ham to share for the holidays, and you got $55 to use, let me know. No, really I hadn't intended this to be a commercial, but I got carried away.

Apportionments paid, WOOHOO! Stay blessed...john

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