Oprah's On!

I was going to comment on the Oprah stuff, but I deleted (on purpose) everything I had written just because it frustrated me so much. Several people have asked me about it in church. The only reason I think it would be worth mentioning is the fact that she does have so many people that revere her as one who is only capable of speaking truth.

Everyone is looking for something. My question: Is what is already available not good enough because it doesn't give us what we really want to hear?

I love (sarcasm) how so many people use the church of God as their catapult into their new found ideas, "I was raised Baptist..." "My momma had me in church every Sunday.." "I read the Bible back and forth..." No you didn't.

But it was the church itself that led them to the new, real truth. Now, there is some sermon material in that concept. I'm not touching that right now. And of course that is what a lot of Christians do as well. "It was the desperation of the world that led me to God..."

Forgive me, but it is my belief that God is revealed in the person Jesus whom we call Messiah. What happened in my life is not what showed me God. Perhaps they served as a conduit, but it was God's work through Christ that showed me who He is. Why are we so intent on being the focus of this faith stuff? We are not the center of the universe, and no Oprah God is not jealous of you (from the video). I wish some of us would really do some studying.

Yes, this video is a little slanted. I didn't want to take time to find others with just her show (or whatever it is). This video was pulled from Adventures in Revland.

Stay blessed...john

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